Classical Works

Orchestral and Chamber, Including An American Cantata, Concerto for Cello and Orchestra

Concerto For Cello and Orchestra

Premiered by Yo-Yo Ma,Yeston conceived of this piece as a quasi Concerto Grosso by adding two additional cello soloists, one on either side of the Principal Cellist. With this, cello duets and trios can also be played in contrast to the orchestral ensemble. Composed and orchestrated by Yeston, the piece premiered with the Norwalk Symphony in Connecticut under the baton of Sir Gilbert Levine .

Sonata for Piano

This quasi atonal sonata in one movement premiered at Sprague Hall, Yale University. Yeston had been studying with Donald Martino, Howard Boatwright, and Yehudi Weiner at the time of composing it.

Five Ecstatic Songs - For Piano and Soprano

Composed while in residence at Clare College, Cambridge, this collection of atonal miniatures based on nursery rhymes, was jazz influenced and written under the tutelage of Patrick Gowers.

My Grandmother’s Love Letters - Hart Crane

A setting of the Hart Crane poem for Voice and Piano, not to be confused with a song of the same title that Yeston composed and included in his December Songs as an hommage to Crane.

An American Cantata

This symphonic work, composed and entirely orchestrated by Yeston, is a Choral Symphony for 2,000 voices and orchestra and was commissioned in 1999 by the Kennedy Center for Leonard Slatkin and the National Symphony Orchestra, Written in Three Movements it premiered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial as part of the millennium celebration in July of 2000, and contains a setting of Martin Luther King’s speech I have been to the Mountaintop. A fuller description can be found as an independent Work entry on this website.

Tom Sawyer - A Ballet in Three Acts

Hailed by Alastair Macaulay in the New York Times as “the first full length three-act story ballet wholly created by an American composer, choreographer and ballet company”, this work was recorded and released by PS Classics with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra under Martin West. TOM SAWYER can also be found more fully described as its own entry on this website.

Tom Sawyer Suite

A fourteen minute Orchestral Suite musically culled from the Ballet by the composer, suitable as a selection for Orchestra and Pops Orchestra concerts.

Song for Violin and Piano

Valse Melancolique - For Piano


Tom Sawyer - Dance of the Fireflies

Tom Sawyer - The Sprite’s Circus

Tom Sawyer - Looking West