The American Musical Sensation

Phantom has appeared in over 1,000 productions worldwide, across America, Japan, Korea, the UK, Germany, Poland, Australia, and other countries. Written by Yeston and Arthur Kopit, their Phantom relates the heart-rending 19th century tale of Eric – disfigured from birth yet as beautiful on the inside as he is misshapen on the outside. Elisabeth Vincentelli of The New York Times declared “its closing song Home is among the most beautiful of the last 30 years - its ineffable melancholy is sublime.” Scroll down to the bottom of this page to hear it.

Raised from youth and hidden in the crypts and lagoons beneath the Paris Opera, the adult Eric has an inner beauty reflecting the music that all his life has wafted down from the stage above to his secret crypt below, and has sustained him.

When an untalented egomaniacal Diva takes over the Opera House the musical environment so dear to his life, on which he subsists, is shattered.

He seeks a voice and a singer to restore the only beauty he’s ever known – and finds it in the astonishingly gifted young soprano Christine Daiae whom he musically trains and with whom he falls deeply in love.



Home (Choral)


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Phantom: The American Musical Sensation (1992 Studio Cast)


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