Maury Sings Yeston - The Demos

“PS Classics, home to Yeston’s theatrical, classical, and popular works for the last 20 years, is thrilled to celebrate him with this new two-disc set: Maury Sings Yeston plays less like a set of demos and more like an undiscovered solo disc by a great American singer/songwriter. Professionally recorded in studios over a forty-year period, these solo performances (several with elaborate multitracked vocals) capture the giddiness of creation with nuance, consummate skill, and a vitality of interpretation rarely found in private demos. The tracks are drawn from a wide range of sources, from Yeston’s Tony Award–winning scores for Nine and Titanic and his exquisite stage adaptation of Death Takes a Holiday, to In The Beginning, the concept album Goya, the unproduced Queen of Basin Street, a smattering of pop tunes, and other theatrical works still in progress. Housed under one roof, they illuminate the extraordinary breadth of Yeston’s output, and highlight not only the humanism, wit, and soaring melodic writing that he’s sustained across a four-decade career, but how much of his own sensibility he has poured into his work, and his dazzling gift for interpretation.” Tommy Krasker
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FIVE STARS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I personally love CDs such as this one, as you can almost go on the same journey the composer did by comparing the demo to the full-blown production number from the cast recordings. I just find the whole thing fascinating. The joy and detail that Yeston puts into these demos comes across and you can’t help but love every single track. I have to admit when I saw that it was two CDs of demos I did think it was going to be a bit boring but I was proved completely wrong. I LOVE them. Nick Wakeham, Musical Theatre Review

Maury Yeston’s Nine is one of the greatest musical theatre scores ever written. His other work includes the Tony-winning Titanic, Grand Hotel, and Phantom (not the Andrew Lloyd Webber version). Now, thanks to a new recording, you can hear Yeston sing some of his best-known work. The recordings are illuminating. Despite knowing Nine inside and out, I heard new things when listening the demos — especially in “The Bells of St. Sebastian”. David Meyers, The Algemeiner


The Bells of St. Sebastian-Maury

Salt ‘n’ Pepper-Maury

Lady’s Maid-Maury


Maury Sings Yeston - The Demos

Forty tracks of Yeston singing and playing his compositions from his Tony Award-winning scores to many being heard here by the public for the first time.