Club Moscow

How To Lose a Democracy

The morning of 19 August 1991, when a group of communist hardliners had staged a coup against Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms, the Soviet leader was trapped in Crimea, and troops and tanks were on the streets of Moscow. Boris Yeltsin, the new President of the Soviet Socialist Federal Republic, was about to have his finest hour. Though the defense of Democracy thrillingly staved off the worst, it was not to last…only to be shut down by Putin to become an unfree dictatorship - deeply flawed, unaccountable and corrupt. “Club Moscow” takes a ride through that first decade of Post-Soviet Russia during the wild-west chaotic 1990’s - a kleptocracy of oligarchs, mafiosi, and corruption. Through the eyes of a street musician is revealed a roller coaster of a society careening off the rails, drunk on democracy and greed, only to be lost in the end.


You Find A Doll

Soviet Union Blues

Hopes And Dreams